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Advanced Skin Treatments: Services



To meet your skin's specific needs, after a thorough skin consultation, Tash, your Skin Specialist will tailor your facial using

the Dr Spiller™  and Herbal Activ™  products. 


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A Customised Decadent Skin treatment

Think smooth, hydrated, glowing skin. The Signature Treatment is all about instant results that last.


This facial will be completely customised  to meet your skin's specific needs using the Dr Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care Range.

Whether that be with an enzyme exfoliation, microdermabrasion or lymphatic drainage, specific to your skincare concerns and top it all off with a customised blend of corrective masks and serums. Capable of treating multiple concerns at once, and personalised for your skin each visit.  

You will receive a unique and unrivaled level of pampering with this signature treatment and of course Tash's signature massage.

Creme Skin and Beauty Lounge, Skin and beauty lounge revive skin and beauty lounge, baldiv


Intensely Moisturising


Plumping and smoothing of fine lines; restores a youthful radiance.

The Collagen Fleece masks are intensive moisturizers that improve the elasticity, resilience, and restructure damaged skin as well as soothing and hydrating.

Using a Collagen Fleece mask consisting of fine insoluble collagen fibres, manufactured into a soft non-woven tissue. A mild freeze-drying process is used to protect the active ingredients, providing intense hydration.

 A thorough cleanse and exfoliation, specialized ampoules and a relaxing massage of the face, neck and décolletage, your collagen fleece is chosen to suit your specific skins' needs for an incredible and immediate "WOW" result.

Includes enzyme peeling treatment.


  • Plumping

  • Hydrating

  • Firming

  • Increased penetration of ingredients

  • Smoothing

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The Ultimate WOW Factor

This treatment is an extremely indulgent facial which takes your skin through three different types of exfoliation, removing all signs of dry skin or flakiness. 

It stimulates all of the skins functions and strengthens the connective tissue leaving the skin feeling hydrated, firm and energized. It improves fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and colour.

Suitable for all skin types. Includes enzyme exfoliation, lymphatic drainage and combines the regenerative power of Argan Oil with the firming affect of the Aloe Vera Skin Lift Powder.


  • Firming​

  • Regenerating

  • Deeply Exfoliating

  • Energizing

  • Rehydrating

  • Toning

  • Stimulating

  • Nourishing

Creme Skin and Beauty Lounge, Skin and beauty lounge revive skin and beauty lounge, baldiv


Customized to your skin concerns.

Available in

Acne Control, Age Repair, Whitening, Anti-Couperose & Papaya.

An intensive treatment using occlusive peel off masks and ampoules which incorporate heating and cooling of the skin to aid in deep penetration of actives.

  • Acne Control - Purifying & Anti-bacterial

  • Age Repair -Re-contouring & firming

  • Whitening - Lightening & Brightening to correct & prevent uneven skin tones.

  • Anti-Couperose - Anti-inflammatory cooling mask that targets flushing & rosacea.

  • Papaya Enzyme - Refreshing and revitalising to awaken, tone and soothe  all skin, especially dull and dehydrated, perfect as a pre-event treatment.

Creme Skin and Beauty Lounge, Skin and beauty lounge revive skin and beauty lounge, baldiv


Glow & Detoxify

Perfect for skins that are 

Sallow, Congested or Unbalanced. 

Including the Thermo Berry Peel which is a detoxifying & heating exfoliator for pure, smooth skin.

 This treatment will:

•Stimulate the micro-circulation in your skin. 

•Containing Zeolite volcanic mineral clay that trigger a heating action which remove heavy metals and toxins.

•Aids in expelling impurities from the skin - creating a detoxification pathway from the  Zeolite & Kaolin

and a Charcoal Detox Mask that purifies the skin,  fighting inflammation and increasing circulation.

•Cranberries synthesize effective ingredients, enhancing protection.

•Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids reinforce skin’s hydrolipidic film therefore strengthening skin’s barrier.

•Vitamin B 6 purifies the skin through seboregulator activity (reduces excess sebum) 

•Moisturises, relieves redness, swelling and irritation and supports the healing process.

Creme Skin and Beauty Lounge, Skin and beauty lounge revive skin and beauty lounge, baldiv


Fast effective activation, that stimulates collagen production.

Designed to treat tired, sun damaged and aged skin. 

Boosting Cell Renewal,

Collagen Production and Regeneration.


A slow release Vitamin A treatment, for all skin types including sensitive.

This treatment will brighten the skin, improve the skins texture, increase cell renewal & boost collagen production thereby plumping the skin and improving uneven skin structure and tone.

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BPEEL (Beauty Peel)

Fresh Skin in Just One day

The Herbal Activ™ Beauty Peel (BPeel) is an ‘Entry Peel Level 1’ - providing a gentle skin resurfacing treatment, which regenerate the skin, based on the highly effective pure herbs!

It provides immediate glowing plumped skin with no downtime or visible peeling.  Unlike most other aggressive skin treatments, BPeels unique composition is free from chemicals, synthetic binders, acids and abrasives. BPeels are a gentle yet highly effective facial procedure and natural kick-starter to great looking skin.

BPeel can treat 

Pigmentation, Scarring, Redness, Age-Spots, Lines & Wrinkles, Sun Damage, Enlarged or blocked pores  & congestion.               

P Peel (Phyto Peel)

The Ultimate Treat for all Skin Types

The Herbs2Peel (P-Peel) is a ‘Medium Peel Level 2’ – providing a milder skin resurfacing treatment, which regenerate the skin, based on the highly effective pure herbs, This is essentially 2 x Bpeels in one treatment!!

Whether it’s the early onset of wrinkles and/or pigmentation, or the pesky problem of breakouts and skin sensitivity - Phyto Treatment Peel (PPeel™) is your saviour.
The PPeel™ is a gentle treatment with natural herbs and enzymes similar to a strong micro-dermabrasion procedure. There is one key difference: no harmful micro-injuries are inflicted on the skin’s delicate acid mantle that means no redness, irritation or sensitivity. In fact, the PPeel™ is so gentle that it’s safe for pregnant women or those prone to sensitive skin and can easily be repeated every fortnight. It’s the ultimate quick fix skin treatment to achieve a smoother, plumper complexion. There are four targeted treatments to choose from.

PPeel can treat
Problematic, Open Pores, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage, Fine lines and Wrinkles, Rosacea 

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Clarifying hydration with the energy of the sea

A re-balancing system to visibly strengthen and fortify the appearance of ageing and environmentally

dehydrated skin. Visibly repairs the skin whilist promoting intense hydration and a renewed, more supple

complexion. An intensely rejuvenating range, the Hydro-Marin range offers a tri-phase of rejuvenating marine-

based masks and setting solutions.

The entire power of the sea unfolds during this unique gel mask treatment. It thoroughly moisturizes and relieves the skin by stimulating its metabolism and detoxification. Used in combination with the deep-acting massage, it leaves the skin crystal-clear, beautifully refreshed and deeply hydrated.

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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

- Confucius

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