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Creme Skin and Beauty Lounge, Skin and beauty lounge skin and beauty lounge, baldivis beau


BROW STYLING - My aim is to help your brows compliment you and your features, therefore, I like to tailor your brows to suit you. I offer a range of different brow appointments to suit new clients, frequent clients and clients who have not had their brows done for a while. This allows me to custom style and design beautiful brows that you’ve always wanted. With a consultation, measuring up and mapping out the brow first, then waxing, hair shortening and tweezing your brows to perfection.

Colour adjustment is suggested where necessary, either with tint, dye* or a henna stain*.

BROW LAMINATION** - This amazing brow treatment is similar to the well known ‘Lash Lift’ treatment. The technology used for lash lifting is now available for your eyebrows, allowing me, your brow expert, to style your brow hairs and keep them in place! Achieving a fuller and thicker looking brow. We can tailor this treatment to suit you with tint, dye* or henna stain*

LASH LIFT** - Get the lashes lifted high for weeks, without even touching your mascara tube or eyelash curler.

Essentially a perm for your natural lashes, this relatively low-maintenance process lifts and curls lashes from root to tip. Tint is used to darken the lash from the root to the tip, creating the look of much longer and thicker looking lashes. 

​*Henna & Dye requires patch testing at least 24 hours prior to appointment if you have not had it done before. Use of Retinols or excessive use of exfoliants around the brow area can affect the results of henna staining.

**Lash Lifting & Brow Lamination is not always suitable to every client, some factors can hinder your results such as thyroid issues, alopecia, trichotillomania, blepharitis, skin disorders ie; psorasis,eczema,or your lashes and brows have recently been treated with similar treatments, this may mean that these treatments aren't suitable for you, I will discuss these issues with you at your initial appointment during the consultation period.

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